This bushland ashes area is for those wishing to inter or scatter ashes in a natural setting. It is named after the famed mountain that provides a stunning backdrop to the cemetery.

A bushland site with a beautiful selection of local vegetation, Donna Buang is an ideal place for families seeking a natural alternative for the burial or scattering of ashes. With picturesque pathways winding through the area, these premium-sized ashes plots are marked with small bronze plaques in the ground. For scattered remains, a small commemorative plaque can be affixed to the entry.

Cremated remains can be placed in traditional urns or in natural containers, according to the deceased’s wishes. Plots are restricted to a single interment.

Plaques purchased through the cemetery include permit fees and installation costs.

Right of Interment (site only) $1,150

Interment of Cremated Remains $305

Scattered Remains $160

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